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Club Kids Extreme Galleries

He works mainly in London and New York and has contributed to countless music and culture titles. His work has been the subject of a number of exhibitions and he's rolled with all the most legendary club kids, from Leigh Bowery to Tasty Tim. And that's not to mention the night spots: Bagley's, Heaven, Anarchy, Pushca, Madam JoJo's... The list is countless.

club kids extreme galleries

Ironically, as the party monsters across the pond fully thrived, the UK's scene totally turned itself on its head. It'd given way to smiley culture, unleashing blissful Balearic soundscapes that praised the power of love and ecstasy. What the clubs lost in individuality and visual appeal, they gained in spontaneity and friendliness. However, Stateside, the early 90s proved to be an unprecedented phenomenon that has yet to be bettered. Don't forget they were pre-Giuliani days and there was no question of belt-tightening or moral clampdown then. Suddenly, a new crop of scary-looking kids invaded Manhattan after dark. They were fearless, fame-hungry and bent on conquering the world, well at least their local club. They looked an absolute fright to say the least and went out of their way to terrify Joe Public. Most of those kids are still around today and are still ruling, which only proves that we're talking vintage years here. Thankfully, London soon took its cues and the scene exploded again with plenty of talent and more energy than the National Grid. Kinky Gerlinky, the humongous monthly party at The Empire, ruled the roost then.


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