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Al Mujam Al Mufahras In Urdu Pdf 15

Al Mujam Al Mufahras In Urdu Pdf 15

Al Mujam Al Mufahras is a famous Arabic dictionary that lists the words of the Quran according to their roots. It was compiled by Muhammad Fuad Abd al-Baqi, a renowned Egyptian scholar and jurist, in the 20th century. The dictionary is widely used by students and researchers of the Quran, as it helps them to understand the meanings and usage of the Quranic words in their original context.

The dictionary is available in various languages, such as English, Urdu, Persian, Turkish, and Malay. However, finding a PDF version of the dictionary online can be challenging, especially for the Urdu language. One of the reasons is that the dictionary is very large and consists of 15 volumes, each containing hundreds of pages. Another reason is that the Urdu script is not well-supported by some PDF readers and browsers, which may cause errors or distortions in the text.

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Fortunately, there are some websites that offer the PDF version of Al Mujam Al Mufahras in Urdu for free download. One of them is [], which hosts a scanned copy of the dictionary in 15 separate files. The files are named as "AlMujamAlMufahrasLiAlfazhAlQuran-01.pdf" to "AlMujamAlMufahrasLiAlfazhAlQuran-15.pdf", and each file corresponds to one volume of the dictionary. The files can be downloaded individually or as a zip file from [this link].

Another website that offers the PDF version of Al Mujam Al Mufahras in Urdu is [SoundCloud], which is a popular platform for streaming and sharing audio files. However, instead of hosting the PDF files directly, SoundCloud provides a link to a third-party website that hosts the files. The link is embedded in an audio track titled "Al Mujam Al Mufahras In Urdu Pdf 15" by Bapdistizo, which can be played or downloaded from [this link]. The track contains a brief introduction to the dictionary and its author, followed by a voice reading of some Quranic verses and their meanings from the dictionary. The link to the PDF files is given in the description of the track, which can be accessed by clicking on the "More" button below the track.

Both websites offer the same PDF version of Al Mujam Al Mufahras in Urdu, which was scanned from a printed edition published by Dar al-Kutub al-Misriyyah in 1364 AH (1945 CE). The quality of the scan is good and clear, and the text is readable and searchable. However, some minor errors or typos may exist in the text due to the scanning process or the original printing. Therefore, users are advised to cross-check the text with other sources if they encounter any doubts or discrepancies.

Al Mujam Al Mufahras in Urdu is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to study or research the Quran in depth. It provides a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the Quranic words and their meanings, based on their roots and derivations. It also gives examples of how the words are used in different verses and contexts, along with grammatical and syntactical notes. The dictionary is not only useful for understanding the Quran, but also for improving one's Arabic language skills and vocabulary.


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