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Tattoo ((INSTALL))

This set is tested with the Genesis 3 Male UV's, and as the promos show it can work on the Genesis main figures as well, but be aware there are one or two tattoos that may have seam issues if used on another UV set. Since the Genesis 8 Male and the Genesis 8 Male main figures use the same UV set, this will not be an issue on the Genesis 8 version.


A set of 30+ overlays made from the ideas of members of the community! This mod took over a month to make and is the highest quality work I have put out so far. Contains many different kinds of overlays from warpaints, bodypaints, tattoos, dragon scales, blood stains, and much more! In total there are around 110 Individual Overlays!

Im not familiar with the term Tattooing. What does the actual step in the Task sequence "Tattoo" actually do and what methods are there for security tattooing and security overlay? Is there any best practice?

The tattoo process in MDT is a stamp to prove that the OS was deployed using MDT. It can also tell you what tasqsequnce you selected. All this settings are in registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Deployment 4 or in the WMI database

EXO Modular Rotary Tattoo Machine with 4.0mm Stroke and 2 PowerBolts in Black Ops by FK IronsSwitch your game up and experience ultimate versatility with the FK Irons EXO rotary tattoo machine. The...

EXO Modular Rotary Tattoo Machine with 2.5mm Stroke and RCA Connection in Stealth by FK IronsSwitch your game up and experience ultimate versatility with the FK Irons EXO rotary tattoo machine. The...

Ok- Looks like there are four of the tattoos that have seam issues when using G8F: The two back tatttos, the demon playing with the string on the right calf and the fire/skulls and smoke sleeve. The rest seem to be fine. Even the neck tattto and the large chest tattoo don't seem to have issues.

Take a look at this cool piece. This Tribal Tattoo Sterling Silver Ring was artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA. This top features a beautiful overlay tribal tattoo design. The band is graduated and features an overlay maze pattern. The piece is nice and sturdy. Artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA, this Tribal Tattoo Sterling Silver Ring is stamped ".925"

The original author did not post a list of DLC tattoos, shirt badges, and hairstyles nor did they include enough information on how to create custom tattoos. I saw many replies from users struggling with the same issue of not being able to create new tattoos. There are specific steps you must do in order to have a valid .ytd that the original author did not detail. These steps took me a good deal of time to work out on my own and I did not find them elsewhere. The repository contains a README detailing all of these steps to create a new overlay with ease. 041b061a72


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