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Download File The Spike V1.1.9.rar HOT!

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.7.1 (17/1/2021)Changes-Increased the level upload limit from 30 to 50.-You can now continue offline after creating an account, temporarily bypassing the activation email.-Fuse Laser Crawlers can now jump from a Spring or a Bouncy Ball.-Fuse Laser Crawlers are now pushed down by a Bouncy Ball when moving on a ceiling.-Fuse Rail now electrifies Spring Man when he is in contact with it.-Changed Fire Wall Modifier's icon.-Changed Fire Wave Spawner's icon.-Super Arm now defuses Blast Man's bombs on contact.-The eyedropper tool now copies the 'Weapon' attribute from Weapon Blocks and Barriers.Fixed Bugs-Various bosses and enemies have issues with Jumpthrough Platforms and ladders.-Fuse Crawlers may fall when reaching corners.-When a ladder is above a Jumpthrough Platform, you can climb downward through the platform.-When shooting Freeze Cracker while being between two walls with one tile of space, the projectile is teleported outside of the wall.-Fuse Crawlers may crash the game when the player enters a section.-Splash Woman's fish drop pick-ups.-Splash Woman's fish are invulnerable after being frozen.-While Splash Woman is at the top of water, she may sometimes move away from the player rather than targeting them.-While Splash Woman is on land, if you stand right under her, she will turn around rapidly.-Crash Man does not jump when Roll's charged broom is released.-Splash Woman falling on Jumpthrough Platforms and ladders sometimes plays the falling animation twice.-10 out-of-water Splash Women singing at the same time may crash the game.-Super Arm blocks and fragments can kill Flame Pillars, Elec Beams and Fire Beams.-When moving a Fuse Laser Exit, it sometimes resets its angle.-When spawning, Fuse Laser can damage you from the opposite direction it spawns.-When ending a Dodge Roll while Centaur Flash is active, its invincibility ends prematurely.-Punching a Soccer Ball with the Power Adapter can lead to a crash.-Bunby Catcher can get you stuck against a wall.-Bunby Catcher can make you clip into a wall.-BushBacon's example levels have inconsistent profile icons.-Super Arm's description has a grammatical mistake.-On/Off Switch Timer does not count down properly during Time Slow.-Yamato Spear does not have a description.-Push Blocks and Soccer Balls that are next to each other can kill you if you stand between them while they move up.-Hologran causes a crash if the player is dead when it activates.-The disclaimer shows 2020 for Capcom's copyright year.-If a Jumpthrough Platform is placed two tiles above a ladder, and you climb to the top of the ladder, you teleport on top of the Jumpthrough Platform.-Rolling into Oil Slider with Dodge Roll makes you permanently invulnerable.-Rolling into a Teleporter with Dodge Roll lets you keep your gray outline.-Super Arm blocks break ?-Tanks when held by the player.-Super Arm blocks kill Astro Man's projectiles, causing a crash.-Atomic Chicken can clip out of small 2-tile wide areas.-If Brown falls into a pit, he respawns instantly.-While bouncing on Bouncy Balls, Brown can crash the game during a screen transition.-Super Arm destroys indestructible projectiles.-Using Mirror Buster from Command Selection causes the slide to lock up after you use it.-As Roll with Dodge Roll enabled, sliding with Mirror Buster makes you invulnerable.-Scworm can be hit by Mega Buster projectiles at ground level.-Fork Block doesn't reset its pattern properly when respawning.-Spike Platform doesn't reset its pattern properly when switching sections.-Soccer Ball Jet absorbs certain piercing projectiles.-Scrolling through the music list on the same frame as switching to a different tab (game) may crash the game on certain tabs.-If you continuously perform short hops on a Cossack Platform, it may rise while standing on it.-When dying while uploading a level, one may briefly get a 400 error message.-Bass does not play his Thunder Claw swinging animation correctly.-Crystal Switches that are placed slightly outside the section may still count down.-Spark Shock's description mentions an incorrect amount of projectiles that can be on-screen at a time.-Moving platforms can clip you on top of them when colliding with them on the sides.-When Battan is pushed by a Rolling Drill and the player is pushed by Battan against a wall, it doesn't kill the player.-Soccer Ball Jet can't lift Super Arm blocks created by the player.-Steam can appear on Super Arm blocks created by the player if placed in the air.-One may very occasionally receive a 'The host has banned you from the room' message upon dying on an online level.-Push Block, Battan and Soccer Ball Jet can clip the player into a wall when pushed by another moving platform.-Stacking multiple Soccer Ball Jets and making them go off-screen can crash the game.-You can stand on Spike Platforms when the spikes are on the top after turning them around from the sides.-Electric Gabyoall does not spawn if placed in a section the player doesn't start in.-Destroyed Fuse Crossers and Xtenders can still block Fuse Lasers.-Splash Woman doesn't stop moving horizontally when getting out of water while attacking with her trident-The descriptions for Key and Key Door display the wrong maximum number of keys you can hold.-When on/off ladders are turned active, you zip to the top of the on/off ladder.

Download File The Spike v1.1.9.rar

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get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.2.0 (17/12/2017)New Features-Weapon capsules are finally here. Pick them up mid-stage to unlock a new weapon.-Keys and key doors have been added, which allows you to block off paths until a key is found.-New bosses: Bubble Man, Wood Man, Magnet Man and Hard Man.-New enemies: Fly Boy, Fly Boy Spawner, Fan Fiend, Shrink, Komasaburo, Hari Harry, Cannon, Walking Bomb, Gyoraibo, Yambow, Mag Fly and Tama.-New weapons: Air Shooter, Leaf Shield, Gemini Laser, Brick Drop, Item-1, Item-2 and Item-3.-New gimmicks: Press, Crash Lift, Wanaan and Magnet.-New tilesets: Wily stages 1, 2, 4 and 6 from Mega Man 2 and Wily stages 1, 2 and 3 from Mega Man 3.-New backgrounds: Wily stages 1, 4 and 6 from Mega Man 2, Magnet Man and Wily stage 3 from Mega Man 3. -Added Wily, Cossack and Mr. X plates to make your boss entrances that much more threatening.-The online menu has been revamped. It now has a more intuitive interface, along with some new features.-The level cap has been increased to 20, meaning you can upload twice as many levels as before!-From now on, the changelog can be displayed in-game whenever a new version is available.-Added a shortcut for restarting from the last checkpoint. You can do this with Ctrl + R or Weapon Switch left + Weapon Switch Right + Jump + Pause (L + R + A + Start).Changes-Improved the minimap; it is no longer transparent for better visibility, its color changes depending on the UI scheme and sections with a boss, party ball or energy element are marked with a different color.-My levels in the online menu has been replaced with My profile, taking you to your new user card. You can still find your uploaded levels here as well.-Quick Man's tileset more accurately resembles the original.-Hyper Bomb now explodes after being in the air for a while (e.g. when bouncing on springs).-Changed the abbreviated names of some weapons.-Pressing the section toggle icon now produces a sound effect.Fixed Bugs-Moving platforms should be more stable now.-If you pause the game while health is refilling, the sound keeps playing, even if you restart the level.-If you destroy a Pierobot gear while the clown is falling, the clown will bounce on nothing.-If you Charge Kick through a boss door with a boss on the other screen, and this boss door is entirely on the previous screen, you can float in the air.-Teleporting across multiple screens, then touching an element right as you leave the teleporter, crashes the game.-Switching weapons while only having the Nothing weapon can freeze the game.-The UI's hand sprite changes when it's grayed out.-Peterchy's object description has a typo (occassionally instead of occasionally).-If you Top Spin on a Mechakkero over spikes while it's low to the ground, you die instead of bouncing off.-Blockies can clip through walls when pushed by a conveyor belt with a specific setup.-In the UI, the minimap can overlap the scheme change menu, causing weird effects when clicking on both at once.-The number of shots Crazy Canon fires doesn't get reset when they respawn.-If you place a Pierobot directly against a wall, facing that wall, it can clip upwards.-More that I forgot to list here.

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion (13/8/2017)New Features-Drastically optimized the level editor; large levels should now run at a smooth framerate in editor mode.-Severely reduced lag in the levels themselves. Large levels in particular should have a much smoother framerate.-Clicking an object with the middle mouse button selects that object, acting like an eyedropper tool. You can also hold Alt while clicking an object with the left mouse button, which can be handy for laptop users.Changes-Buffed Wind Storm; it now bounces off walls, doesn't get destroyed by enemies if they don't die and can destroy weak projectiles. You can also jump on it to reach higher ground.-Nado now allows you to hold the attack button to gain height rather than having to mash the button.-Backgrounds should now match the background color palette.-Improved camera flexibility in non-standard screen structures.-When auto-playing a level when the game is already open, it no longer opens a second game window. Instead, it closes the old one and opens a new one. If you've already entered your password in the old window, you do not have to enter it again in the new window.-Touching a 1-up now plays the 1-up sound on top of healing you.-Enemy projectiles no longer despawn when above the screen.-NSF files are split up again, which should make custom (offline) NSF replacements easier.-You can now slide under Crystal Joe's projectile.-The Top Man background's animation is slower (it had the same speed as in MM3, but it was hard on the eyes).-If you collide with a wall/ceiling and a spike at the same time, the wall/ceiling now takes priority, allowing you to survive.-When a server error happens upon loading a level, the game now displays the error, allowing you to retry rather than softlocking the game.Fixed Bugs-Fixed hitboxes for Big Eye, Mechakkero and Robbit.-You can pause on the frame you die, allowing you to use an E-tank and survive on spikes.-Quick Lasers shoot again after the game gets paused.-Skeleton Joes still hurt you when they're down.-Using Search Snake when hugging a wall has weird results.-Pole Eggs can destroy solid terrain around them.-After playing a level from an auto-play link, you're taken back to your own levels rather than the level info card.-The game doesn't register that you've beaten a level if you played it through an auto-play link.-Pointan (the custom cursor) can have the wrong size when launching the game through an auto-play link.-Refilling your health destroys a Crash Bomber explosion.-If you take the boss to a new screen, the health bar sometimes disappears.-Mega Man 2 Mets can clip into walls.-Weapon energy pickups get stuck at the bottom of the screen.-Vertical boss doors could disappear after transitioning through them with a ceiling/floor in the way.-If you collect two large energies on the same frame only one triggers.-Pressing Caps Lock repeats a letter (for entering a level name, password, search term etc).-If you are on Rush Jet, then jump off and immediately grab a ladder, you can move left and right while on the ladder.-Loading levels with the same name causes the first level to be loaded (only seemed to happen on certain OSs).-Nado can zip when hitting a ceiling.-Stone Man can easily clip into a ceiling when jumping right under one.-In the pause menu, if you only have one weapon (first slot) and press down twice, you have Silver Tomahawk's palette.-If you undergo a screen transition while an enemy is exploding, then come back, the explosion is still there.-Big Eyes can get stuck on walls.-If you're on a moving platform moving down, you can sometimes clip into floors below you while holding left or right. 041b061a72


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