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Watch Cactus-A Story Of Hope 1 Online Free LINK

"It really breaks my heart to know that venues we all love are struggling and could potentially go under during this pandemic. I hope and pray they can survive this for the sake of our community and the need we all have to gather together in places with so much history and meaning."

watch Cactus-A Story Of Hope 1 online free

COPPINS: But now let me tell you why I was. I mean, honestly, when it started to take off, this hashtag, I got on - one morning, I got on Facebook. And literally every woman in my Facebook news feed was sharing these stories. And these are, you know, family members, friends, people I went to high school with, college with. You know, like, I think intellectually I knew that this kind of stuff happened. And I knew it was bad. But to see just how many stories there were out there was, I think, really jarring for a lot of men watching this take place and hopefully is prompting some soul searching and some hard conversations.

SANDERS: What I find really interesting about these kind of things is, we hear the story of what happened on campus there. But my bigger questions are, what does the visual of Spencer's speech do for the watchers on the fence about being white nationalists throughout the country? I watched a bit of the live feed of it.

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