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Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu Honey Singh Song 15

Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu Honey Singh Song 15

Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu is a popular Punjabi song by Imran Khan, which was released in 2009. The song is about a man who is heartbroken by his cheating girlfriend, and expresses his anger and pain through rap lyrics. The song has been a hit among the youth, especially on TikTok, where many users have made videos lip-syncing to the song or acting out the emotions of the song.


Honey Singh, also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh, is a famous Indian rapper, singer, composer, and actor, who is known for his catchy and controversial songs. He has collaborated with many Bollywood stars and singers, and has also composed music for several films. Some of his popular songs are Lungi Dance, Blue Eyes, Dheere Dheere, and Brown Rang.

Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu Honey Singh Song 15 is a mashup of Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu by Imran Khan and 15 Saal by Honey Singh. The mashup was created by Yolanda, a SoundCloud user, who uploaded it on her account in 2017. The mashup combines the beats and lyrics of both songs, creating a unique fusion of Punjabi rap music. The mashup has received over 2 million plays on SoundCloud, and has also been shared on YouTube and other platforms.

The mashup is an interesting example of how different artists and genres can be blended together to create new forms of music. The mashup also reflects the popularity and influence of Punjabi rap music in India and abroad, as both Imran Khan and Honey Singh have a large fan base and have contributed to the growth of the rap industry in India. The mashup also showcases the creativity and talent of Yolanda, who has made several other mashups of various songs on her SoundCloud account.

If you are a fan of Punjabi rap music, or want to listen to something different and catchy, you can check out Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu Honey Singh Song 15 on SoundCloud or YouTube. You can also listen to the original songs by Imran Khan and Honey Singh, or watch their official videos on YouTube . You can also read the lyrics of Bewafa Nikli Hai Tu on JioSaavn, or watch the lyrical video on YouTube.


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