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The Patience Stone Torrent Download

While the wartime setting in THE PATIENCE STONE is never explicitly stated as Afghanistan, "It is clearly Kabul," says producer Michael Gentile. "The conflict doesn't have to be named. There's a universality to the story, and the folklore of the "patience stone"- syngué sabour-is known throughout the Muslim world."

The Patience Stone Torrent Download

Describing the metaphor that anchors his story, Rahimi explains, "Everybody knows songs and stories about the syngué sabour. In very closed societies with so much censorship and prohibition, it symbolizes a common yearning to pour out feelings and desires that are kept locked away." When the heroine dares to speak frankly to her paralyzed husband, he becomes her patience stone, absorbing her cares and secrets and enabling her self-discovery. "Shame about the human body is one of the fundamental forms of oppression," says Rahimi, "And she learns about her own body."

The book's central idea is the myth of Syngué Sabour, the patience stone, a stone on which you can shed your misfortunes, your complaints, your secrets until it's so full it bursts. In this story, the stone is the husband, a warrior paralysed by a bullet in the neck. The woman, to bring him back to life, has to pray from morning till night for 99 days. But that prayer soon turns into confession. She murmurs into his ear all the things she has kept locked inside her for so many years.

She raises her head. Hut and storm are vanished and she sits on the side of a dune. The sand in which her bare feet sink is cool, the sky low and muddy. She releases her grip on her legs, but her stone . . . the patience stone has vanished.

The moon is heavy and full above the crown of the mountain. She came to the House of Night in search of shelter and found servitude, but she has this: She cradles the patience stone before her, cups it in scarred palms. She whispers past the heavy grief in her throat, and pours into the stone a story she told a dozen times over the eight days and nights in the garden: a tale of a princess who wields a cursed flower to poison unwanted suitors, who runs away with a pirate maiden.

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