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Mengatasi Problem Not Connected No Connection Are Available

To check if the computer is connected to the Internet, SketchUp tries to contact If your network has a Proxy in place that tries to go to another location when contacting, SketchUp may think that the computer isn't connected to the Internet. Similarly, if there are any Firewalls in place that are preventing SketchUp from contacting the Internet, that could be the source of the issue as well. We recommend that you contact your local IT administrator and share this information with that person. They should be able to investigate further to identify the source of the problem.

Mengatasi Problem Not Connected No Connection Are Available


I'm not sure i follow your logic. As i mentioned, regardless of how the phone is connecting to the Internet, we still get the same error. Also regardless of how the phone is connecting to the Internet we can get to any website and use any apps that require an Internet connection no problem. It's just the one single function of tapping "sign in" that generates the 'no connection' error.

It could be a problem where your ethernet port is not working. To figure out if you have a faulty router or modem try plugging the Ethernet cable in to a different port on the device. A router typically comes with multiple ethernet ports on them. These ports are called LAN ports and they should be labelled so. If you aren't able to establish connection on the first port then give the second one a go. If that still doesn't work then try the remaining ports. If still no success then it might be because of an issue with your router. To confirm this you want to make sure you have double checked the direction with the router to confirm setup is done correctly. You can also try calling the manufacture of the device for even more information.

It's likely that the computer you have has a feature that can help diagnose problems on your network. This feature is often called network troubleshooting and it is available on Windows computers and there are also ways to do this on Mac.

Having your ethernet cable not work or not be detected can be a headache but there are a number of things you can do to help solve the problem. Try to figure out all the devices you are connected to and what type of cable you are using. This can help give you a good starting point in where to troubleshoot. Often the problem can be solved by simply re-plugging in or trying a different ethernet port. We hope after reading this list you're back up and running!

My ps5 was working with my Ethernet. Well suddenly it cannot find a connection.I noticed a few times Ethernet would disconnect suddenly on ps5 a few times. So I rebooted router still nothing. But same Ethernet line works on smart tv. So something changed on ps5. Thx for article hopefully I can figure out the problem. This Wi-Fi crap lags and I just want to resolve the issue.

I restarted my Windows 7 laptop 2 times and nothing happened. I have no internet at all. I chose to troubleshoot it and it told me "Plug an Ethernet cable into this computer" I have no idea what that means... It says something like "A. Ethernet cable looks like a telephone cable but with larger connections on the ends. Plug this cable into the opening on the back or side of the computer. Make sure the other end of the cable is plugged into the router. If that does not help, try using a different cable." Can someone explain to me what to do exactly in a less complex way? I'm not a computer genius so I don't really know what to do. It also said "No connections are available" even though all the phones and iPads in the house are working perfectly fine. There is also an update for Windows 10 but I did not update it yet.

Updating the VPN app may solve several problems. While at it, you can also update your entire system. Sometimes undiscovered bugs may be why you have no internet connection while connected to the VPN.

Most Cisco switches have a port in the notconnect state. This means it is currently not connected to anything, but it can connect if it has a good connection to another operational device. If you connect a good cable to two switch ports in the notconnect state, the link light must become green for both ports, and the port status must indicate connected. This means that the port is up as far as Layer 1 (L1) is concerned.

Excessive errors for certain counters usually indicate a problem. When you operate at half-duplex setup, some data link errors increment in Frame Check Sequence (FCS), alignment, runts, and collision counters are normal. Generally, a one percent ratio of errors to total traffic is acceptable for half-duplex connections. If the ratio of errors to input packets is greater than two or three percent, performance degradation can be noticed.

When you operate at full-duplex, errors in FCS, Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC), alignment, and runt counters must be minimal. If the link operates at full-duplex, the collision counter is not active. If the FCS, CRC, alignment, or runt counters increment, check for a duplex mismatch. Duplex mismatch is a situation where the switch operates at full-duplex and the connected device operates at half-duplex, or vice versa. The results of a duplex mismatch are extremely slow performance, intermittent connectivity, and loss of connection. Other possible causes of data link errors at full-duplex are bad cables, faulty switch ports, or NIC software/hardware issues. See the Common Port and Interface Problems section of this document for more information.

Description:show interfaces counters errors. Alignment errors are a count of the number of frames received that do not end with an even number of octets and have a bad Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).Common Causes:These are usually the result of a duplex mismatch or a physical problem (such as cabling, a bad port, or a bad NIC). When the cable is first connected to the port, some of these errors can occur. Also, if there is a hub connected to the port, collisions between other devices on the hub can cause these errors.Platform Exceptions:Alignment errors are not counted on the Catalyst 4000 Series Supervisor I (WS-X4012) or Supervisor II (WS-X4013).

setup auto speed/duplex on one side and 100/Full-duplex on the other side is also a misconfiguration and can result in a duplex mismatch. If the switch port receives a lot of late collisions, this usually indicates a duplex mismatch problem and can place the port in an errdisable status in a result. The half-duplex side only expects packets at certain times, not at any time, and therefore counts packets received at the wrong time as collisions. There are other causes for late collisions besides duplex mismatch, but this is one of the most common reasons. Always set both sides of the connection to auto-negotiate speed/duplex or set the speed/duplex manually on both sides.

Always check the cable for marginal damage or failure. A cable can be just good enough to connect at the physical layer, but it corrupts packets as a result of subtle damage to the wiring or connectors. Check or swap the copper or fiber cable. Swap the GBIC (if removable) for fiber connections. Rule out any bad patch panel connections or media convertors between source and destination. Try the cable in another port or interface if one is available and see if the problem continues.

In order to troubleshoot auto-negotiation problems it is often recommended to try and hardcode both sides. If neither auto-negotiation or hardcode setup seem to work, there can be a problem with the firmware or software on your NIC card. Upgrade the NIC card driver to the latest version available on the web site of the manufacture to resolve this.

A broken fiber cable or other cabling/port issues can cause this one-way only communication. These partially functional links can cause problems such as STP loops when the switches involved do not know that the link is partially broken. UDLD can put a port in errdisable state when it detects a unidirectional link. The command udld aggressive-mode can be configured on switches that run Cisco IOS (check release notes for command availability) for point-to-point connections between switches where unidirectional links cannot be tolerated. The use of this feature can help you identify difficult to find unidirectional link problems

When you have devices that need to carry a large amount of traffic through that interface, consider the use of one port of each group so that the common circuitry that shares a single group is not affected by this amount of traffic. When the Gigabit Ethernet switching module is not fully utilized, you can balancee the port connections across port groupings to maximize available bandwidth. For example, with the WS-X4448-GB-RJ45 10/100/1000 switching module, you can connect ports from different groups, such as ports 4, 12, 20, or 30 (in any order), before you connect ports from the same group, such as ports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. If this does not solve the issue, you need to consider a module without any oversubscription of ports.

I tried using PHPMailer in many projects in the past and it worked buttery smooth. But, when I updated the PHP version to 5.6, I started getting an SMTP connection error. Later, I observed that this problem is there with the latest version of the PHP.

When opening a website, a warning message appears stating that "Certificate verification problem detected" or that "Authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established cannot be guaranteed".


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