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[S15E17] This Was Supposed To Be Our New Start

Jack finally picks out a stone, then says that all of them are divine because of their existence because God is in everything. Satisfied, Adam agrees and says that God should be in everything. The two of them go back to the main room and Jack says that he did it. Dean wonders what's next, and Serafina stabs Adam with a knife. She then pulls a rib out of Adam's chest and heals his injury. Adam tells Dean that the rib contains enough divine power to create life, and in this case, enough power to destroy God. Serafina says that everything that happened to Jack has prepared him for what comes next, and the rib will turn Jack into a black hole for divine energy. However, once it starts, it can't be stopped. Adam puts the rib in a baggie and gives it to Jack, asking if he understands, and Jack tells Adam that he understands.

[S15E17] This Was Supposed to Be Our New Start

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Bailey drops by Alex's office to talk about the lambs in a bag. She thinks this is a moral slippery slope once they start putting human babies in bags and she'll have to handle it. Alex says they're still a long way from human trials. Bailey brings up DeLuca's mental health. She thinks they should ask more questions. Alex says his mother is doing fine here without a routine. Taryn drops by to strongly suggest they take a stroll by the DeLuca lab. 041b061a72


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