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[S5E13] Where Are Your Parents

Michael believes the employees are stressed because they are reluctant to express their feelings, so he organizes a comedic roast of himself in the warehouse. Dwight tricks most of the employees into signing his apology letter by pretending it is a sign-in sheet, but Phyllis Vance (Phyllis Smith) uncovers it and refuses to sign it. Each of the office and warehouse workers gleefully take jabs at Michael, who initially seems to enjoy the jokes, but grows increasingly hurt and offended. When it comes time for him to roast his employees, Michael ends up storming out of the warehouse, visibly upset. After the roast, Michael takes a personal day (much to the concern of his employees, who start to feel bad about the scathing jokes towards Michael) and spends time at a playground to reflect, feeding pigeons by tossing whole slices of bread on the ground and making bird noises, despite the lack of birds in the winter weather. Dwight manages to trick Phyllis into signing his apology letter by bribing a mailman to ask her to sign for a fake package. Michael returns to the office, where he roasts each of his co-workers with one-liners. When Michael roasts Stanley, ("Stanley, you crush your wife during sex and your heart sucks"), Stanley laughs heartily, breaking the tension. Michael tells his employees that they are the reason he got into the paper business, and they applaud him.

[S5E13] Where Are Your Parents

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The episode shows Holly working to keep the music alive at McKinley High by trying to insert music into other clubs. The Agriculture Club is first on her list where she starts with an interesting impression of a country cowgirl, leading to a stellar disco performance of Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time." This set has flashing lights, floating bubbles, gold sequins. It was very Glee-meets-Studio 54. Although the Glee Club members love it, the parents and students of the Agriculture Club find it less than entertaining. This is the final straw for the Glee Club and it is all officially over.

Later that evening, we see Randall settle into bed where he enters his ghost kingdom, but this time, his parents are his biological ones, giving him some sweet time with William (Jermel Nakia) and Laurel (Jennifer C. Holmes).

The captured member, Sophia, reveals the other team members are her best friends and that they were originally only killing those tied to the Atria Co. After killing the first two, Stephen said they had to keep going since they were already killers and they owe it to themselves and the other victims. She says Stephen has the same bone cancer that killed everyone's parents and that they are going to bury Hopkins at the site like all the others. Sophia knows where they will bury her because they already dug the grave. 041b061a72


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