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LiveSuit Win7 64 Bit Version

Have you been able to turn on your device and start the stock android image? While we are at it do your LED lights turn on, ever? If So, when? Are you using the USB port as a file transfer port as well as trying to power the truck through the USB? A lot of people have had problems during livesuit and phoenixsuit upgrades by using the USB port as both. When powering the cubie truck with 5v 2A 4.0mm power supply the problem seemed to be resolved in most cases. Did you purchase your CT through IO? Check Device Issues with NAND operating system post on Cubie's website as there are two versions of board 3 (AllWinner A20 versions A and B). One is known to have compatibility issues.

LiveSuit Win7 64 bit version

Livesuit flasher has become the best img firmware flasher that helps you any allwinner CPU based smartphone (android) mobile or tablet, You will upgrade the firmware file and Stock Room (img) Allwinnerchipset android system with computer. So livesuit tool allows you to flash firmware .img file upgrade of your device in few clicks.

If you ever were already searching for the Allwinner Flasher for your allwinner devices, then these pages might be extremely helpful to you. Here the easy download livesuit software link for the latest version.


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